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  • What are the application areas of British standard plug...

    British standard plugs and brackets are used in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Maldives, Qatar and other countries and regions, with the characteristics of three squares.


    American standard plugs and their supports are used in the United States, C...

  • British plug performance requirements and parameters

    1: British plug bracket is tested according to BS1363 plug standard 1363 plug. Under load, the temperature of the copper pin shall not exceed 37 ℃ of the room temperature (the temperature after 4 hours of testing), that is, the temperature rise shall be 37 ℃, and the online position of the live wire and zero wire shall not exceed 52 ℃ of the room temperature. Within the temperature range, quali...

  • 佳迪提供欧式插头支架批发定制

    Jiadi Hardware is a manufacturer specializing in the production of plugs and their supports. Now it provides European plug supports for wholesale customization. The relevant parameters are as follows:

    Plug name: European plug bracket

    Type: two pole power plug

    Rated voltage: 125V

    Rated current: 10A

    Power frequency: 50 (HZ)

    Payload: 618...

  • 塑料插座支架与钢质插头支架比较

    1. Prepare the screwdriver, plug and wire, and open the plug.

    2. The wire passes through the screw fixing gear at the bottom.

    3. Tighten the fixing screws, and put the wire into the metal hole of the front half.

    4. Fix and screw on the cover.

    Three plug connection method: the upper one is the ground wire, the lower two are connected to the neutral wire on the left and th...