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1. Prepare the screwdriver, plug and wire, and open the plug.

2. The wire passes through the screw fixing gear at the bottom.

3. Tighten the fixing screws, and put the wire into the metal hole of the front half.

4. Fix and screw on the cover.

Three plug connection method: the upper one is the ground wire, the lower two are connected to the neutral wire on the left and the right to the live wire.

The yellow/green two-color cable is connected to the long leg in the middle of the plug, and the other two cables are connected left and right regardless of color.

When the plug is turned over, L and N are marked beside the general jack. L is connected to the red line (lower left), N is connected to the blue line (lower right), and the other one is connected to the yellow green line (that is, the top hole)

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