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  • Difference between French plug and European plug

    The French plug bracket and socket are very similar to those of the European type, with little difference. The European type is mainly round headed, which can be used in the European Union. Moreover, the French plug is still based on the European type, which is still mainly three-phase plug, with a ground wire lower end added. It is also a kind of European plug socket.

    Differences in regi...

  • british standard

    The British plug is a three square pin plug with "E, L, N" three poles. The E (Earth) pole is the ground wire, the L (Live) pole is the live wire, and the N (Null) pole is the zero wire. It follows the principle of "left zero and right fire in the middle". Generally speaking, the plug will be marked. The British plug is also marked with the corresponding current and voltage ...

  • Safe use of plug

    Poor quality of plugs, sockets and converters is an important cause of electrical fire. The quality problems of small plugs, sockets and converters will cause serious harm to the personal and property safety of consumers.

    Its safety is mainly affected by the following performance indicators:

    1. Sign 2. Rating 3. Dimension 4. Protection against electric shock ...