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  • Conflict minerals statement

    We do not use conflict minerals (gold, tantalum, Ta, tungsten, tungsten, tin, tin, cobalt, cobalt, cobalt, etc.) and if the supplier uses the conflict minerals, the source of the materials should be provided to ensure that the "conflict minerals" produced in mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or neighboring countries are not used.

    To learn more about the new law, visi...

  • How to wire the plug

    1. Prepare the screwdriver, plug and wire, and open the plug.

    2. The wire passes through the screw fixing gear at the bottom.

    3. Tighten the fixing screws, and put the wire into the metal hole of the front half.

    4. Fix and screw on the cover.

    Three plug connection method: the upper one is the ground wire, the lower two are connected to the neutral wire on the...

  • Definition and classification fractal of plug bracket

    The plug bracket is a plug built-in accessory for connecting the power cord. Two pin plug bracket: there are two round pins, which are only used to connect the live wire (L) and the neutral wire (N), and are used for non grounding. Usually, such plugs can be inserted in any direction of the socket, so that the plug can freely change the position of the live wire and the zero wire. The general p...