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The problem of plug and socket cleaning should not be neglected


The kitchen socket is greasy stained because of the baptism of lampblack all the year round; the trawler board is not clean for a long time and is covered with dirt; the electrical plug that is not used for a long time is hanging freely and falls into dust... Many people have this kind of plug and socket, which appears to be "dirty" because of long-term unclearness, seemingly unrelated to safety, but actually hidden dangers.

When plugs and sockets are not used or cleaned for a long time, some dust and hair will gradually accumulate between the two poles and sockets of the plug. Once these dust and hair meet with water and gas, they are likely to become conductors, which will make a circuit between the two poles of the power supply and form an electrified state. This electrification phenomenon is called "fouling". Electric conduction. "Contamination conduction" will lead to poor circuit contact, serious local heating, lead to plugs, sockets insulation resin deformation, and then cause short circuit, triggering fire. According to statistics, there were 46 electric fires in Jiaxing City in 2012, of which 30 were caused by electrical circuit faults and electrical equipment faults, accounting for 65% of the total number of electric fires, and most of them were caused by plugs and sockets.

Fire department reminds the general public that in dry environment, plugs and sockets should be cleaned regularly with dry cloth to prevent accumulation of dirt; sockets with waterproof cover should be used in many places, such as bathroom, toilet and kitchen, etc., where there are many fumes and water, and dust in the trawler board or towline should be sucked out regularly with vacuum cleaner. Turn the board upside down, gently pat the bottom, and then wipe the dust off the surface with a dry cloth; when long-term unused electrical appliances are covered with dust cover, don't forget to cover the electrical plugs; unused towing boards are best put into the cabinet, properly stored to prevent dust accumulation; pulling out long-term unused plugs can save money and safety. The socket problem can not be ignored!