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Do you want to unplug the electrical plug when you go out?


At home, electrical appliances and mobile phones all need to use electricity. I wonder if you have ever thought of such a question when you run out of electricity: Do you want to unplug the power plug? Maybe everyone will be very entangled, today we will look at several common electrical plug problems in life.

1. Water heater

Many people think that the water heater will save electricity when it is used up and unplugged. Is that true?

According to the professionals, the real energy-saving water heater does not need to cut off the power frequently, because its insulation function should be completed under the power supply. Frequent power outages will cause these energy-saving functions to fail to start, coupled with frequent unplugging of plugs, it will also reduce the life of plugs, and even bring potential safety hazards.

However, if the water heater is not used for more than three days, it is necessary to cut off the power supply and unplug the plug in time.

2. Mobile phone charger

Speaking of cell phone charging lines, many people are plugged into the power supply, once home, directly charge the cell phone, so it is really safe?

Industry insiders show that if the mobile phone charger is not pulled out, it will always be "working" on electricity, which not only consumes electricity, but also has great security risks. Many families neglect this small detail, which leads to the occurrence of fires.

Reminder: When people leave the room for a long time, they should unplug the charger to avoid causing fire. At the same time, they should choose a high quality charger.

3. Air Conditioning Plug

Do not think that turning off the power will save electricity, as long as the plug is not pulled out, the electrical appliances are in standby state, consuming electricity. In the fire caused by electrical appliances, there are many cases of fire caused by standby electrical appliances, especially air conditioning. Professionals pointed out that all with remote control, is the most power-consuming and security risks, so need to unplug the plug.